Showcase - 2022

HCL - Digital solutions consulting

01 - Intro

About the role

I was in the HCL Software's services team in Europe. I was the first ever UX Designer for the team, unlocking capabilities they never had before.

Responsible for all digital solutions Digital Solutions products


A secure, enterprise-grade, application development platform

Domino Volt

Domino's low-code capability to develop enterprise-grade apps fast

Volt MX

A low-code app-dev platform for delivering consumer-grade apps fast

Digital Experience

Integrate data, content and apps into powerful digital experiences


Workstream collaboration for meetings, messaging, files & more


Highly secure, persistent chat and video meetings


Email client that integrates information into a single workspace


Business email that understands the way you work


Lightweight enterprise applications that transform business processes

02 - Customer examples

Technip Energies (External link)
PRO BTP (External link)
LEA Mobility (External link)
U-SHIN (External link)

03 - More

Full case study

The full case study is private and is only shown upon request