Tipps: A mystery shopper app

01 - My role


Extra tasks:

Problem Identification

Using feedback from the previous running app and the developers' help with user-testing we found the following:

02 - Early process


Personal brainstorming on my own with post-its to get a quick idea of the journeys and the changes we need to be proceeding with.

As we saw before, the changes that we needed were our whole "Registration" and "Sign-in" journeys. Here we stumbled upon some challenges. We wanted to reduce the steps to enter the app with a non-password system by using deep links while keeping the account secure.

The best and quickest way to do that was by opting in What'sApp and creating account connection. This way we have the opportunity to use What'sApp and reduce the On-boarding time as well.

Collaborative brainstorming for the details. Using Lucidchart.

We decided to solve the non-password security issue with limited-time deep-links. This is how our back-end will work, in order to check if we have a returning or new user.

Next there was a series of collaborative brainstorming sessions to clarify the in-depth decisions and updates on our main in-app functions.


A must-do step on my design process is sketching. This way, I can quickly get a clear image of what the screens are going to look like and sort out all the details without messing up any current files.

03 - App redesign

The Wireframes

After sketching a few scenarios and deciding upon the improvements, I jumped on Balsamiq to create the wireframes.

Creating a userflow to communicate the idea with the developers.

Communicating with the UI Designer

I presented all my work to the stake holders, the UI Designer and developers. At this stage, it was important to collaborate closely Paula, the UI Designer to make sure we are doing the right thing. Before moving forward we had to all approve for the next steps together.

04 - Redesigning the CMS

The Wireframes

As the main business plan is based on the CMS, I was asked to keep the rest of my work confidential. Here is what I am allowed to show.

According to user testing from the developers, the previous version for the CMS was complicated to use and previous users had trouble with:

The wireframe of the main dashboard.

Designing components, UI fields and animations suggestion. The prototype:

05 - The business website

Design and develop the business website

On a very close co-operation with my client Duncan Elliot, CFO/CTO of TIPPS LTD, I designed and developed the business website using Webflow.

Due to the budget and the business requirements, we:


To design this, I did some competitor research, tested various templates and did some reading on building successful business websites.

06 - Key takeaways

What did I learn?

  • My first and main takeaway from working with this client was to learn how to assist with project management with smart methods, using Google spreadsheets and other collaboration tools. By using those tools, the team was able to be organised in time management, effort needed for each task and libraries of all the systems created.
  • Starting of with the project, the team was strongly supportive to start the low-fidelity wireframing and prototyping process with Balsamiq, a software that I wasn't familiar at the time. Being eager to help anywhere I can, I was happy to learn Balasamiq and became proficient with it.
  • Another software that the team was working on was Lucidchart, a collaborative flow creating tool that I also had to learn. With that software I was able to link all the data from our Google docs and create a full map of the user flow, using all the wireframes already created with Balsamiq.
  • Something that I really enjoyed with this project was the fact that I was working on a very close connection with the CTO of the company. Together we were looking for the right people to take on board for the next steps, such us UI designers. We pitched the work that I had done to the point, looking or quotes from design firms and interviewing them to decide who I would be happy working with. With Duncan's great pitch techniques and my fully designed maps, we were able to get unbelievable quotes with great prices and get more designers on board with who I was able to collaborate with ease.
  • Last but not least, I learned more about the Mystery shopper industry how an app giving cashback, can be smartly used to provide shop owners with feedback. With the creation of a customised CMS, shop managers can log on and find out about areas of improvement and choose what menu items they want to promote.

Thank you!